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Reasons for hiring BUSTREN PM

In BUSTREN PM merge a group of professionals , specialists in transport infrastructure , which have played an important role in the various plans of expanding the network of the Madrid Metro. In all cases , planned lines were completed , tested and put into service transporting travelers deadlines.

During those years these people monitored, coordinated and directed all aspects of the process: planning of new lines, civil and systems engineering projects, management and monitoring of the construction, purchase of rolling stock, testing and commissioning.

As essential factors in the success must be highlighted the following: direct decision-making, flexibility in the conception and management of multiple contracts, prioritization of security, overview of timing and alignment within all participants in the same direction.

The strengths BUSTREN PM can provide to a project to implement a new transport infrastructure are:

Know How

  • 25 Years developing transportation projects (multiple simultaneous contracts, set up depending on the time)
  • Integration of transport in the city (physical, fare and institutional)
  • Experience in executing large underground construction in urban areas
  • Comprehensive view of the whole process of implementation

Adaptation to the objectives

  • Customer Viewpoint
  • Overview of timing and planning (management of milestones and critical paths)
  • Agile Management
  • Proven ability to coordinate and manage interfaces and actors
  • Management of multiple types of contracts


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